Round 1!

The shave is saddening, but the port sure beats one stuck in your arm!

Well it has been a very busy and tiring week. After a brief trip to visit family, I had one more day to do chores around the house before port placement surgery on Wednesday.

The port placement went very well. It actually hurts far less than the biopsy did. Just sore. My pain medicines did me no real favors, as I imagine some of you have experienced with them. I don’t like to take those things and I don’t think I really ever needed it. My surgeon is great, I know he did a great job.

Chemo Day 1
ordering lunch
Ordering Lunch! How exciting!

The first day of chemo today was a very long one – almost 9 hours at the hospital. Some delays in the initial bloodwork and tests ate up a few hours, but next time it should go quite smoothly and take much less time. Everything went very well, anyway. I didn’t even feel the needle going into the port! (Thank you lidocaine!) It was a big, long needle! The nurses were great, and it was a long day for them, too.


Blah. Drugs and masks. Sleepy and crabby.

We managed not to be too bored! I even got to sleep a little bit. Looking forward to a good night of sleep, and hoping not to get up too much for potty breaks. (I’ve never peed so many times in one day in my entire life.) Glad we brought books, snacks, games, and coloring. Luyang always has great boredom-beating ideas.

Lunch was actually pretty good, and just the right portion for me!

Chemo will actually last for 20 weeks, taking me into early January. Hopefully all goes well!

I keep receiving wonderful cards with prayers and well-wishes. Thank you all so much!

I’m too tired to think about this anymore. Thank you all for reading!

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  1. Alex,
    Let’s see how fast we can get these 20 weeks to pass! Praying daily for few chemo side effects and your complete healing. I know Luyang, your parents, siblings, and close friends will provide lots of good care, humor, and distraction to help along the way.
    Kathy Wilkins

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