2 Years!

Hi everyone!

A little shopping trip – he does well at the mall!

As you can imagine it’s been very busy for us, especially these past 4 months! We are very tired parents, but I don’t think we could be enjoying this time any more than we are now! Lucas is growing so fast, (he’s a big boy!), and the time is flying fast, too. Where has 4 months gone? And he’s wearing mostly 9 month clothes now…He’s chubby, but healthy (minus a persistent case of eczema). His good health and smiles are the best us new parents could ask for! He’s such a good, sweet, and happy little boy!

The puppies are getting used to Lucas now – they are quite protective of him. Sometimes it’s a little frustrating, especially at the park – they don’t play as nicely with their doggie friends. But we know they are just being protective. Flurry loves to nap with Lucas. Bella will check in every now and then, but as her usually Bella self, will keep her distance normally.


Lots of trips to the big dog parks recently. Good time for everyone!

Anyway, I set out to make a quick post – today marks 2 years since I started chemo. It’s crazy to think it’s been that long. Sometimes I still have flashbacks – the feelings, the smells, the worry. Certain hand soaps/sanitizers have that hospital smell to them and it will make me feel nauseous.

I would say I’m recovered from both the cancer and treatments. My follow-up scans have been good, bloodwork is good, etc. I have one more scan coming up later this year, then it will be only yearly scans after that.

At this point I’m trying to put it all behind me, though really it’s on my mind every day. Every day I see the scars from biopsy and the port. Every day I see my weight gain from chemo (and the stresses of a newborn). I am so thankful for my health, and the knowledge I have gained about how the body works, what is and isn’t good for you. It truly is harder to put things into action even when you understand the principles behind them. It’s easy to say you’ll go to the gym, but it isn’t in reality. I was doing pretty good, but I still cannot find the motivation to go without my trainer – and that’s not a cheap solution!

Hopefully I won’t wait so long to write again. Every day is a blessing – a second chance at life, everyone is in good health, but maybe just a little more busy than we care for. Hope you all had a good summer! Looking forward to some cooler weather and rain, and also some naps. Lots of naps…


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