No More Port

Hello everyone,

Flurry was happy to cuddle when I got home from the hospital!

I don’t have much to write today, but I just wanted to share some more “good news”, and puppy pictures.

In the wee morning hours today, I had my medi-port removed!

It was a simple procedure. Though I was under anesthesia (they said maybe I wouldn’t even fall asleep!), I recovered nearly immediately after waking up. When the port went in, I had a heck of a time that day. After a long nap once arriving home, I was just a little sore in the operation area.

Too much work!

Post-radiation, I am doing well. My side-effects are mostly gone. I am still getting nauseous, and having tenderness in my throat. We’ll keep monitoring that for a few weeks. If it doesn’t get better, we may have to look into it further. My energy levels are increasing every day, my “sunburn” is healing, and my hair has yet to start growing back.

I’ll have another CT scan sometime in May, intermixed with some follow up visits. From there, it’s yearly scans and checkups. I’m basically done. I suppose there really is no “done” when it comes to things like this, but with today’s port removal, I feel freed from the shackles of cancer and treatment.

Off to the park!

Flurry is growing up, and learning fast! I took them to a park so we could do some “running” together. Well, embarrassingly, I’ve gained some weight since treatments started. I suppose I don’t mind that too much, but what really bothers me is the state my heart and lungs are in. I knew going into this that these would be affected adversely. I’ve said before that a flight of stairs is pretty difficult. Well, running with two goofy dogs isn’t much better. So, slowly, but surely, I will be getting back into “shape”, but also back into “health”. I can’t waste this new lease on life. I have to come back stronger than ever!

Yay park!

Finally, I want to express, generally, my sincerest gratitude to all of you for listening to, reading, and supporting me throughout this journey. Most recently, the parish were I am primarily a musician has been doing a fundraiser for me to defray medical costs. I’ve been working there since 2017, and I can’t say I know everyone there. Even so, the kindness and generosity of even complete strangers has been so heartwarming. I will write more about this in the future, but for now, I just wanted to again say “thank you”.

“Talk to you soon!”

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  1. Oh, so happy to hear that your port is out. Be kind to yourself and patient as you continue to restore your body to good health.
    All the best to you for a healthy future.

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