Feeling Better

Just a short note.

Bloodwork was good!

Well it was certainly rough for about 5 days after chemo, but about Tuesday and Wednesday I started to feel much better. I finally had an appetite and ate pretty much normally. My bloodwork came back very good this week, so my job is just to recoup as much as possible before the next round knocks me down again! It felt good to be well enough to get back to playing at Mass, and doing a little more around the house.

Yummy food! They said not to eat greasy food. Well, my mouth was happy, but my tummy was not. Lesson learned!

And so the cycle will be for the next several months. Hilly terrain ahead!

I’ll have slightly different medications for round 2. I hope they help lessen the side effects a bit better, but now I know what to expect, and hopefully can handle things better.

Next time I will write more. Till then – Thanks for reading!

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