Hello all! Welcome to the official website of Alex Fries: Musician, Teacher, Photographer, Computer Technician, and Piano Technician (in training!). On this site, I hope that I can share with you the three major loves of mine: music, photography, and technology. Please browse around the site to see the work I have done over the years.

While I intend this site to be a comprehensive bibliography of my work, a "shortened" version may be found by clicking on "Quick Resume" to the right. That single document highlights my most important works and accomplishments in short, stuffy, resume form.

Another section to this site is the "VCM" tab. This stands for VanderCook College of Music. This section of the site was created for several of the professional education courses I took during my tenure at VanderCook and can be viewed as an example of my introductory work in the educational field. Please note that it is a former work of mine and may not necessarily represent my current knowledge and philosophies.

Thank you for visiting, please contact me by visiting the contact page, linked below, if you have any questions!

-Alex Fries

A shot from my performance at the Music Theatre Workshop, Spring 2012 VanderCook College of Music. (credit: Abi Fernandez)